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To bring an end to a century of constraints.

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Unleash Your Authentic Self with and Break Through Boundaries

we understand the intimate dance between comfort and confidence. We believe that the garments closest to your skin should empower and liberate you, not confine or define you. That’s where our journey began—a journey to create an adhesive bra that could stand the rigors of daily life while being virtually imperceptible.

You voiced your struggles with conventional bras—discomfort, constraint, the painstaking search for the perfect fit. We heard your plea for unrestrained comfort. Our groundbreaking adhesive bra is expertly crafted to honor your body’s natural grace. Bid farewell to pinching wires, shifting straps, and suffocating bands.

Designed with foundational lift and an eye for natural, traceless form, our bra moves with you. Experience unparalleled comfort and an invisible silhouette that complements every curve. The New Bra where your body’s intuition meets our innovation. Feel the liberating essence of true comfort.

Our pursuit was fueled by unwavering commitment and thorough investigation. Over an intense five-year period, we delved deep into the realm of medical academia and the intricate patterns of human anatomy, all to lay the groundwork for our creation. We dedicated innumerable hours to mastering the body’s structure, making absolutely certain that our bra would harmoniously adapt to every motion and shape. This meticulous process ensured that our adhesive bra would work in perfect concert with the body’s natural dynamics.

Our quest is a pursuit of seamless freedom. Taking a step further, our adhesive breast covers are not just about invisibility—they prioritize breathability, as if wearing a true invisible garment. This innovation is dedicated to allowing women worldwide to experience genuine freedom. Join us as we step together into a future of greater natural comfort.


After a decade dedicated to the bra industry…

My expertise extends deeply into materials science, where I comprehend the properties and applications that drive innovation. In terms of craftsmanship, I appreciate the nuanced techniques that result in superior quality and performance. Additionally, my proficiency in structural design allows me to envision and create solutions that effectively marry form and function. This holistic skill set equips me to tackle complex challenges within the industry and contribute to advancing the field..”

Simon Chuang

Chief designer, The New Bra