Continuous R&D

Continual R&D fosters innovation, ensuring products evolve with market demands, and maintains competitive advantage by generating cutting-edge solutions…..

Dust-free environment

Production in dust-free environments demands stringent standards to control bacteria levels, maintaining sterility for safe and high-quality products….

Human body model library

A comprehensive human body model database, inclusive of all global skin tones, is essential for the precise validation and reliability assessment of various products…..

Our Perspective

Every The New Bra adhesive bra tells a story of meticulous design, where elegance meets ergonomics. Our adhesive bras are the culmination of countless hours of research and feedback from women who, like you, demanded more from their intimate wear. Crafted from breathable, lightweight fabrics, our bras are structured to provide a seamless silhouette without the weight of underwires or the pressure of restrictive bands..

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Consumer recognition and trust



Unleash Your Authentic Self with The New Bra and Break Through Boundaries

We ventured into uncharted realms, scouring the globe for materials that would breathe in unison with skin, adhesives that pulsated with life’s tempo, and designs that whispered sweet affirmations of self-belief. The New Bra adhesive bra is our manifesto of independence, tailored not en masse but intimately for you.

The Ultimate Solution is Here!

Through understanding that many women relish the liberating sensation of going braless, we embraced the challenge to innovate. The New Bra adhesive bra emerged from listening to your desires for freedom and comfort. It’s more than a product; it’s a celebration of unrestrained beauty, thoughtfully designed to echo the natural form. Experience true liberation with every wear—this is the freedom you’ve longed…

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