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Exploring Chinese Embroidery Aesthetics through Modern Craftsmanship

The Chinese embroidery on pasties made with modern techniques boasts perfect embroidery textures and colors, reflecting the unparalleled beauty of Chinese embroidery as well as the prowess of modern technology. The precision embroidery created by machines is accurate and dense, capable of reproducing complex and colorful traditional patterns, including various flora and fauna as well as auspicious designs. The attention to detail is so fine that every color transition and every nuanced depiction is vividly presented.

The Aesthetic Closest to the Heart -Unfolding the Inner World through Design

The Aesthetic Closest to the Heart” isn’t just about a form or style; it’s a design philosophy that places the essence of product creation on seamlessly connecting with the user’s innermost feelings. It goes beyond mere functionality and touches upon the emotional realm, reinforcing the emotional bond between the product and the user. The aim is for each individual to experience a resonance with their spirit and emotional comfort in the very moment they use the product.