The New Bra : Ending a Century of Confinement

Between the ideal and the real, The New Bra pledges to join hands with every woman in a brave exploration of a more liberated way of life.

Dear Women Everywhere,

As you stand before the mirror, selecting your attire for the day, we are keenly aware that your desires go beyond mere external elegance. You yearn for an inner freedom and comfort, which is the very essence of The New Bra: we provide women with an ideal choice that enables them to spread their wings and soar. However, we also recognize that the introduction of any new innovation inevitably comes with its share of challenges and doubts.

First and foremost, we acknowledge that the category of pasties is still quite new on the market, challenging traditional dress customs. You might wonder about their durability and whether they will conform satisfactorily to your body. The New Bra utilizes a special medical-grade adhesive that ensures the product stays in place through jumps, brisk movements, and transitions between complex postures—it remains reliably and steadfastly by your side.

For those of you concerned about breathability and perspiration during the sweltering heat, I want to address that your worries are our worries too. The New Bra features moisture-wicking adhesive materials with a unique tri-layer construction that not only minimizes skin soaking but swiftly transfers sweat away, ensuring your skin stays cool and refreshed.

We understand the importance of comfort to you. Our pasties are made of elastic materials with ultra-thin edges, providing flexible adaptability to various body types. From the moment you put them on, a supremely light touch envelops every inch of your skin. It feels as though it’s a second skin, almost making you forget its presence, leaving only the sense of unrestrained freedom.

We have also heard your concerns about trying new things. Change can be worrying, but the rewards of taking a leap are often surprising. The New Bra doesn’t shy away from challenges. We offer a worry-free returns service, ensuring that you can embrace this new experience with full confidence.

The New Bra was born with a mission to put an end to centuries of confinement, evolving and perfecting alongside you through continuous listening and feedback. On the path to perfection, we seek to forge a robust partnership with you. Like you, we anticipate enhancing and improving at every step of the journey, gradually realizing our shared vision of boundless freedom and comfort.

We are here, waiting to engage in dialogue with you, to welcome each beautiful morning together, ready to co-author chapters of freedom.

Now, let’s embark on this journey that is uniquely for women, passionately devoted to liberty and exploration, discovering new realms beyond past constraints.